Flame Rods: Detecting For Gas Flames

Posted by Admin on August, 13, 2021

Every flame possesses some specific characteristics in general. They produce heat and expand gases. The flames result in producing several by-products generated from combustion. They emit light, be it infrared or ultraviolet. An ionisation of the atmosphere is created in and around the flame. The flame detecting devices are developed for incorporating a number of these characteristics. The flame rod exporter from India for gas flames are manufactured coupled with a suitable mechanism of flame control.

The primary purpose of the flame rod is detecting and responding to the fire or flame and therefore confirms the presence of flame. The flame rod processes its job by completing a circuit by means of the rectificationionisation process. An energised flame rod produces positive ions from the current that attracts the negatively charged ions present in the flame.

The positive ions are collected from the grounds rather than from the flame rod which ensures the flow of electrons in one direction. This process provides an indication that the direct current is used for reflecting the presence of a flame.

Flame Rod
Flame rods depend on the ability of the flame to conduct current on applying a potential, across it. Flame rods are normally used for detecting flames from gas. Oil generated flames are not eligible for the application of the flame rods. The flame rods comes with the following advantages.

• It provides a quick response to the failure of the flame.

• The flame rod verifies the flame right at the point of ignition. Even a pilot flame, due to the flexibility of positioning the flame
rod, can be proven at the intersection point with the main flame.

• The flame rods are practically fail safe. In any abnormal situation, like short circuits, leakage resistance to ground and open circuits, a flame rod would fail safely.

• The flame rods can tolerate a high temperature for an elongated period of time.

Flame Rod for Gas Flames

The flame rod for gas flames is basically designed for the detection of any visible light emitted through oil flames. These rods are not used for furnaces fired with oil that have the refractory blaze. The resistor is scheduled and manufactured following the set standards of manufacturing utilizing qualitative stuff. Flame rod exporter for gas flames ensures that these products can detect small ionised currents for the gas flame.

The flame detection systems are designed with various added features. This device of flame detection merges with an appropriate mechanism of flame control which creates a signal. After that, the signal is dealt with the physical action which allows the system to work so that it can run in the existence of the fire or shutting down the system in a suitable way in the flame's deficiency.

There are various flame rod manufacturers in India, especially in Mumbai for gas flames. They plan these products as heating systems for domestic purposes. Hence flame rod exporter from Mumbai for gas flames meet a considerable demand for these products.

They use the thermal effect from the flame as a procedure of detection. A significant time is required for the sensor to get heated and then again on loss of the flame, to get cooled, at the same time. The time taken for the system's response, used in large scale burners, might indicate a hazardous or unacceptable danger.

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