Everything You Need To About Boiler Sequence Controller

Posted by Admin on December, 01, 2021

Will you be installing the Boiler Sequence Controller? Do you know what this device's main purpose is? Aren't there a few more questions you'd want to have answered? Don't worry; we've got answers to all of your questions right here in this post. First and foremost, the Boiler Sequence Controller exported by the Burner Sequence Controller Exporters is a device designed specifically for use in the ignition process. It's utilised to keep an eye on the existence of flames in the boiler and burner. If your industry's heating system necessitates a number of boilers for its further processing, you should install this gadget to keep track of them and prevent accidents.

How Does It Work?

Burner sequence control supplied the Burner Sequence Controller Exporters from Mumbai, is a system that is meant to automatically ignite gas burners and monitor flames in gas-fired furnaces, ovens, chimneys, and other kitchen items. The flame electrode, which is submerged in the flame, receives a high voltage. Because of the electrons that travel from the flame to the ground, a current is generated and monitored for the flame's pressure. If there is a danger that the flame may go out during the operation, the ignition switch is switched on to ignite the gas and certify that it is flowing properly.

These are produced with the most up-to-date technology, and they go through a series of testing before being released to the general public for purchase.

It Has Several Advantages, Including:

One of the most important features of the Boiler Sequence Controller by the Burner Sequence Controller Exporters India is that it automates the starting and shutdown of several boilers and burners at the same time.

It also has the capacity to monitor the main header or temperature, thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

No boiler or burner can function at the pressure or header temperature without the use of a boiler sequence controller, which can have an impact on overall performance.

This device regulates the functioning of its adjacent burners or boilers, allowing them to execute their functions for the same amount of time, extending the unit's life.

Furthermore, even at low fire, it saves fuel by avoiding wasting time.

It is capable of controlling any sort of boiler or burner, regardless of size, design, or type.

It is an environmentally friendly gadget that decreases the system's carbon emissions while also keeping the environment safe and protected.

It provided effective control of the heating and hot water plant due to its user-friendly design.

It is permissible to install it with a wired or wireless sensor that displays a number of flames at once.

The Burner Sequence Controller May Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes

These are commonly used for both igniting and monitoring the presence of flames. One of the most significant advantages is that it allows for valve operation control. It can also detect the presence of flames and auto-stop during any type of failure operation, as well as for the user alert's alarm output.

Here Are A Few Examples Of How The Burner Controller Is Used:

Controlling depending on time.

Controlling in real-time.

Controlling the passage of time while keeping an eye on the key circumstances.

Final Words:

The burner controllers supplied by the Burner Sequence Controller Exporters are completely integrated to control in a single module, which saves space as compared to a non-integrated system that is part of the burner management systems. There are several versions available, each with its own set of parameters for various sorts of applications.

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