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Posted by Admin on February, 17, 2024

Burner Sequence Controller Exporters give special tools with gas-fired furnaces and Ovens, Flare gas chimneys, Boilers, Flame screens and Gas-fired kitchen tools.

The burner Sequence Controller is made for the automatic startup of the gas burners. It is also used in the flame monitoring of the gas-fired furnaces and Ovens, Flare gas chimneys, Boilers, Flame screens, Gas fired kitchen tools by using the flame electrodes for sensing the gas flame depending on the principle of the flame conduction. The special functions and features may differ according to the kind of burner as well as the application. Here are several common elements you might discover in the burner sequence controller:

Beginning Sequence

The controller possesses a special sequence of events to begin the burner. It can add purging the combustion chamber of any residual gases, pre-purging the burner, and then starting for the ignition series.

Ignition Control

The controller handles the process of the ignition procedure, which may engage sparking or even using a pilot flame to ignite the prime fuel.

Fuel Control

It manages the flow of fuel to the burner answering the demand for the heat. It is even done in proportion to the necessary load.

Air Control

It handles the airflow in the combustion chamber to attain the proper air-fuel mixture for efficient burning.

The safety and monitoring

You can check different parameters which include the temperature, flame presence, and pressure. If any abnormal conditions are detected, the controller starts looking for safety measures which include shutting down the burner to stop accidents.

Shutdown series

If the burner is required to be turned off, the controller orchestrates a secure shutdown sequence, which may engage in gradually reducing fuel as well as supply of the air. At the last, it results in the air supply, and lastly, extinguishing the flame.

Known the Diagnostics

There are advanced controllers consisting of diagnostic specifies that can identify and report faults as well as malfunctions in the system.


There are some implements of the safety interlocks to make sure that specific conditions are required to be met before allowing the burner to begin or continue the process.

Communication Interface

These days, the controller might have the ability to discuss with other control systems or be part of a bigger building management system. The burner sequence controllers are essential components in making sure for the safe and well-organized operation of combustion systems. It gives the best level of automation that optimizes performance while decreasing the risks. The precise features and capabilities of a burner sequence controller will vary on the application and even the kind of burner system it is planned for.

If you are interested in buying the product, it would be better to contact Burner Sequence Controller Exporters from India. There are lots of reliable exporters available in the market who are accepting orders from the side of customers. If you are interested in buying the products, look for the best deal and price online.

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